Art as a hobby…art as a calling

Now it´s been something about two years since I have started drawing. It came out of nowhere in emotionally difficult times although I have never really draw before. As a kid who always compared her skills with others according to ´perfect´and nothing less is enough I lost my confidance in drawing when I was told I can´t draw or when someone didn´t like my drawings. It is quite common judgement what people say and there is no one to blame, just sometimes this words can make a scarf in childrens soul although this soul might be creative and artistic oriented. I believe things are always happening in right time for its right reasons so I needed to wait over 20 years until I have discovered brushes again.

That wasn´t easy at the beggining. I needed calm down my emotional statement so painting, drawing and colouring has been my therapy. I was very exited about new world I have discovered. I realised that painting is very fullfilling and relaxing activity and probably needs to be part of my life forever as once you get connected with your body and emotions there is huge emotional shower going on 🙂


I decided to discover where this path is gonna take me. There are ups and downs on my artistic journey, where I took months breaks as I tended self-sabotate myself and has been struggling with confidance and failures. All this things are though amazing lessons, so I decided took this path anyway and map it´s progress on this blog. I belive that at the end of this journey I will be able realise that coming out of my confort zone on every step of artistic career is exactly what made my future self.

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