Creativity Notebook 1.part


At the moment I wonder how that would be being a support worker or children care worker. It´s something what really calls me. I wonder as well what it would be like go more into guitar playing and singing, drawing and painting.


It´s couple of months ago, when I sat and draw I felt huge desire to draw emotions I was feeling. I was just drawing, not thinking. Actually I felt last time flow at work in coffee shop couple of days ago. We got busy and I was just preparing all paninis and wraps quick and organised, listening everybody around related to work but focused on my tasks. I lost what time is and how long it was.

When I was 8…

I loved the most horses taking care of them, riding them. Go to stables and be there all day long. I loved creating things, writing with real ink, cutting out things, making postcards for family and friends.


Last passage from a book was, when I read sentence ´I decided became artist and drop law school´. I studied law and became artist what wasn´t and still isn´t easy so this sentence in  book Follow your heart felt I´m on right path. Other book was diary for year 2017 what I found in the shop and was related to artist Jack Vettriano. I don´t know the guy but in diary was written short biography. He was self-learnt artist, what I am as well as I don´t have any art school behind me. It felt again as I´m on right path. Artist Turner inspired me a lot as well. His paintings have something magical. When I saw them I knew I wanna learn using watercolours, although it´s very difficult to learn haha. Just couple of days ago I heard song Hallelujah from autistic girl I cried. I just knew I wanna take care of autistic kids and kids with behaviour difficulties.

When I feel beautiful

I just laugh and have fun. It´s mostly when I feel being in good company of respectful and trustful people.

My superpowers

I´m a good listener who is not judgemental. I love people and support them. I can see behind masks real person archetypes from fairy tales. I´m a deeper, I make effort to know and understand others as myself.

What I would do for living if I wouldn´t be scared?

I would be an freelance artist, writer, guitar singer and art therapist all at once 🙂

What themes do you see?

Art, fun, therapy. I can see I´m artistic oriented but in the same time I like people. I like to be on my own but with people as well specially if I can help and be a listener or having laugh with people I can trust. I like wide range from drawing to music and writing as animals like horses and kids what would be great for therapy. I just don´t know what to do with all this, how to put it together to be able make a living of it.

I get excited with music, art, people (kids), having fun and laugh but being listener as well. Putting colours together, painting; drawing makes me feel present and peaceful. Playing guitar and singing makes me feel the same. Being here for others makes me feel peaceful.

Why this course?

I would like to start putting together all aspects of my artistic and creative soul towards people. Create art get more self-educated in arts, play and sing music, start art therapy through those talents and interests.

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