Living in Scotland…

I remember when I first came to Scotland I met some people living here already about 3-4 years saying that they want to move away because of weather. ´What a crazy idea´- I thought, ´How can somebody move because of weather?´

Three or four years passed and here I am. It is raining outside. Again. Luckily we have longer days maybe even too long, because summer came so at least never ending long and dark winter is gone. Seriously I don´t know if I will survive next one. Do I want to move away? Not really. Well I would maybe to Spain where I really enjoyed myself in the past but would I just run away? Again. Before myself?

I decided this time do it differently. This time I try to stay, not distract myself with new life, environment, people, friends. Yes Scottish weather is tough and it is reasonable reason why to move away, but not yet. This place gave me hope that I can live my life according to my own conditions. I can become who ever I want, there are no real limits, but will I?

This blog is about me, about artistic soul trying to find its purpose in this life. Many people would tell you about me that I am kind and nice, inspirative human being, like sunshine. I always find it interesting how people see us and how differently we see ourselves. I decided to be an artist and it is artists fate to take inspiration from her life. My life In Scotland definitely changed my fates direction. It was probably planned that way, that one day I will change completely my life. Let´s say I am starting from zero point. Again. This time taking my life completely to my own hands.


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