Magic of North Berwick



North Berwick. I heard so often how wonderful place it is and I have to go visit there. It´s been couple of years since I moved to Edinburgh and still haven´t got chance see this so called ´wonderful place´. Then they came visit me from distant country. They have seen quite a lot of Edinburgh even Scotland, so maybe it´s time to see something more around the place I live. Let´s go to North Berwick.

Once we got to North Berwick by the train there awaits us ending railway. It feels almost like end of the world what I had a chance to experience couple of times in Scotland. So different to my homeland, where every road, railway, river leads somewhere, joins bigger roads and rivers and never ends.

Mystery old church…

One main street takes us through the centrum, where are small pubs, coffee shops and gift shops, one and then some small gallery and art shop and we are at the end of the town. Every place feels to be local, where await friendly people. I could get lost in all those small giftshops, book shops and galleries. We are lucky; sun is shining so unexpected weather in Scotland. Not to waste any time we´re heading to Tantallon castle about an hour walking from North Berwick (more details in an article about Tantallon). Trying to find right path we are crossing park what I would compare to the bush, very wild and tricky, but awesome in the same time. Path walk through this bush park takes us to golf park laying on the small hills leading to the beach. I am really not a fan of golf, but playing golf in this place with view to the sea and Bass rock ahead I maybe could enjoy this boring game.

On the way from Tantallon we gather some useful information from taxi driver, who is apparently as well North Berwick´s guide telling us about only hill in North Berwick, where we can find wild ponies and sending us to the nearest pub to try amazing burgers and beer. I have to say after couple of years in Scotland I usually stick with Tennents or Guiness as I am very sorry for my rudeness but those Ales are just broken beer.

IMG_1396What I found the most interesting about North Berwick is the beach. Spread beach facing island in front is one of the most peaceful places I have discovered in Scotland. We just walked by with my visitors, but I have returned with my sketch-book and brushes. Firstly I walked North Berwick Law where I discovered those wild ponies and some stunning views on the top. I went to the beach, firstly just feeling the air and smell the sea, hearing breaking waves on the beach and noisy seagulls. I found quiet place where I took my brushes out and just forgot about the world around. I was watching all the colours playing on the sea and sky, trying to capture a stunning view of the island in front of me.

Peaceful place remains and North Berwick had written to my heart memory of the place where to go if I need to escape from city noises and all of my thoughts capturing me in my head.


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