Tantallon castle (Scotland)

Part of the trip to North Berwick was visiting Tantallon castle, incredible piece of history. I don´t want to bore you with much of history so the most important information is that Tantallon caste was begun in 1350s by William Douglas. Have you ever seen Outlander? Douglas family was powerful scotish family with connections to royalty and in Tatallon happened to appear people like Mary Queen of Scots.


Enough of history let´s have a look to today Tantallon. It is really beautiful place to visit. I enjoyed very much walking from North Berwick to the castle as the view of castle is appearing like a surprise once you reach certain point of the walk. It took us about an hour to get there with complains of my visitors but it worth it at the end as the walk led us through the fields and small farms by the road. We could experience a little bit of scotish countryside.

IMG_1337Here he is nicely standing on the cliff. It is quite touching emotion to see the castle from distance for very first time, hiding behind the fields.


Once we reached the castle itself and passed through the shop to actual castle area new view opened up. Following the path to the gate where all old stories are hidden we walked by amazing doocot where they held hundreds of pigeons for delicious feasts. Although now days only ruins are telling stories of rich and greedy feasts, hate and love, sad history of divided Douglas clan and bloody battles on surrounding fields.

IMG_1344Beside of sad history the castle holds its unique place because honestly castle standing on the cliff with magnificent view to rocky and hostile Bass rock (Island what is now home to a lighthouse and the world´s biggest gannet colony) which was the prison in its past times is just breath taking.

IMG_1347Have a look up the stairs to actual roof of the tower where you can enjoy never ending view to blue sea as to green surrounding fields. Looking to never ending water from such high with the wind in my hair made me feel complete. Small drop in the ocean but the ocean wouldn´t have its character without this one small drop. Stories of this drops travelling through the time are reaching us on such places as Tantallon castle.


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