Back to wilderness from busy city life in only one day – camp by Loch Lomond

Do you need to get out of busy life of the city but don´t have much of spare time? Want to go for a short trip (1night) somewhere in Scotland? Are you very much skinned but still need to clear your head?

What about ´bonny banks of Loch Lomond? I can assure you they are even bonnier then the song.

views of Loch Lomond
you can have such great views just outside of the door if you camp by Loch Lomond

Here is the second part of my recent short hitchhiking trip at Scotland. We already went through some tips how to hitchhike and what to think about.

Are you low budgeted and open for a camping adventure? You´re in the right place.

From Dumbarton we got to Loch Lomond hitchhiking. It took us maybe 5min to stop a car (key was a good spot on the bus stop where cars could easily pull over). We almost ended up in Glencoe (if we would have more time) as the guy taking us was heading just there.

camping by Loch Lomond (Balloch)
Balloch is great place to get out from busy city life

Balloch is a great stop along the Loch Lomond if you don´t have that much time to walk along the whole Loch Lomond.

No time to hitchhike or there is a train station in Balloch so you can easily get there directly (and pretty cheap) from Edinburgh or Glasgow (search Scotrail).

Everyone can find something to do there is even aquarium, boat cruises, kayaking trips, lot of pubs, picnic spots,  but as well nice walks around, pictures castle for those who love nature and history and maybe are low budget ones as I was 🙂

Balloch is pretty busy little village but just few steps by the loch shore and you get away from the crowds to experience lochs quietness and wilderness. There is information centre on the way where you can grab map with some short walks around.

Balloch castle
Balloch castle

So how to get to a dreamy camping spot?

Map for camping
Find your camping spot by Loch Lomond

Once you get to Balloch find the bridge crossing the small river and turn left to the path walk following the right site of the river and the coast. You´ll be passing nice forest path walk with beautiful views at Loch Lomond. Passing castle on the right site (unfortunately closed but still worth to visit surrounding area and gardens) and not long after you reach small river with a broken fence which makes it feel  like private property. The path walk continues right (by the waterfalls and reach the top of the hill where castle stands) but you want to go straight crossing the tiny rive.

This is private property of a farmer who (as my friend discovered) allows campers to camp by the shore. There are nice camping places just few steps from the shore with great grass spots for your tent and safe fireplaces to keep yourself warm overnight (follow Scottish outdoor access code).

camping by Loch Lomond
pitch your tent and just sit back and listen to the sound of nature

Make sure you take all your rubbish away and help keep this wonderful spot for campers clean and so magical as it is.

The time we came camping here was after few days of heavy rain. Most of the surrounding area of Loch Lomond was flooded, but we still manage to find nice high enough camping place where we pitch our tent and enjoyed peaceful evening chatting over the fire flames.

To be honest the place was somehow magical. The tree in the shape of running chubby fairy felt almost as there was a magical hand keeping us safe. Next day we discovered that we were actually sleeping in Fairy Glen. Don´t know if your experience will be the same but I could certainly feel the presence of these little creatures.

As we went to gather some wood for fire I experienced true wildlife of the place. All of the sudden I happened to be alone surrounded by lovely trees who almost talked to me and were passing on me the peacefulness of this place. All the noises of busy crowds from just few meters away desepeared. All I heard was just now and then crunch of the wood under legs of some passing animals.

Fairies by Loch Lomond
Fairies are just all over the Scotland…

Watching the sun set over the hills listening to birds singing and watching the peaceful loch getting ready for night time is one of those moments you won´t understand until you just sit there in that very moment and experience it on your own skin.

Even in busy times when you just need a little break even if you don´t have much money there is always a way how to relax. If you´re in Scotland you love camping and are open to a little wild life adventure under the tent roof try camping by Loch Lomond.


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