Are you painting amatuer as me? Let´s try some watercolours!

As I mentioned before I have started going to painting classes. This blog is about my journey as a human being but as a possible artist one day as well. I have learnt a lot at these classes. I don´t make usually notes so I have decided I put all the learnt here to remember it.

Pictures won´t be the best. Well I am still in learning process but that is not important. Important is the information I have gathered there which might be useful for you as well.

In this series I am going to talk about WATERCOLOURES. So if you´re a self-thought artist and feel like you need to move forward in your painting practice maybe you can find some hints right here. If you´re very much amateur who has just started or is painting some time but feels like doesn´t really grasp watercolours yet you might find useful info here.

So let´s get to some painting…

Photo we painted from


When I stepped to the class I felt very anxious thinking I might not be in right place. I signed up for advanced class instead of beginners as my friend advised me ´Eva you paint for a while you know how to mix colours, you can do easily advanced one´. So I found the table where I´ll be on my own just that no one can see my struggles. How not happy I was with my painting and yet it wasn´t that bad. Confidence can be a huge struggle for all of us who want to produce art or music. I repeated in my head ´this is only way how I will learn, just don´t care about others´ – it pushed me through.


Well there´s gonna be plenty of embarrassing staff I haven´t known in past years since I have started painting. Basics what maybe most of you know but few might be the same amateur as I am.

Only place I have ever mixed watercolours until now was paper itself. Just making it wet enough where I wanted the colour to spread, or maybe little mixing on plastic plate.

When I read instructions for art classes there was said ´bring ceramic plate´ and I was wandering what an arty term and what the hell it means. Once I got to class and saw just normal ceramic plates on tables of my co-workers I had to laugh. I just needed to take it literally – ceramic plate what we eat from. Lesson learnt the simplest is very often the right one.


You won´t believe after few years of painting with watercolours I haven´t used wet on wet what is essential. It just has never occurred to me pour some water on the paper spread it around and then put some wat paint with brush and let it spread. I did it intuitively on small parts of the paper with very wet brush but never really covered paper in water.


Great tool to quicker the process and be able to continue painting on already dried surface. So obvious and yet has never really done it before.


This one was a big one. Just squeeze mostly dry brush on the plate, turn it and make it look like a stripped brush. Then just make brush movements over the paper where trees gonna be. Brush almost dry and finish with detail touch to line some brunches.

And woalaaa painting is done.

my painting

Honestly I felt I don´t want anyone to see my painting. So when I felt someone behind my shoulder the monster called anxiety grasped me and took me huge amount of effort to turn and smile. Luckily there was a smiley face considering my painting ´not being that bad´ – what a relief.

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