Experience unforgatable weekend in Edinburgh over Fringe

That time of the year when there is three times more people, music everywhere, venues full of visitors. Me and my friends spending nights drinking beer and seeing one life band after another, venue shows changing to street performance and getting satisfying feelings what only music can offer.  There is a place famous for its festival and fringe. This place is in Scotland and attracts all artists, magicians, musicians and other performers all over the world every year.

Would you like to visit one day and wondering what Edinburgh over festival time looks like?

Let me give you small taste of this remarkable event.

You already know that I live In Edinburgh at the moment. I haven´t post much lately there was festival known as ´film festival ‘or ´fringe ‘ here. There is happening way too much everywhere so I find it quite overwhelming, but in the same time if you go with a flow you might find many surprisingly amazing performances.

It all started with amazing opening light show on St. Andrews square.

I think I have never seen such a thing in my life. Until now I have seen opening show in past three years and every year I thought it can´t get any better. But they beat it every year. Light show on buildings around whole St. Andrews square was something what is not even possible to capture by words or photos neither by camera.

But here is an idea…

Then came THE weekend.

Firstly my friend invited me to see a band, where her boyfriend is playing.

I didn´t know what to expect as that was supposed to be African style and I am not particularly interested in this kind of music.

The concert was amazing (Davie Luhanga and tilitose and band Bwani Junction). It´s been a while since I was listening life music and I enjoyed it so much. After concert we stayed to have a drink. From one drink were couple and we ended up with so much fun and laughter. I remember we were trying to figure out national anthems once we got home haha.

Then Saturday came.

I already had plans with some friends at evening to go have a beer but I was so tired. I went anyway. On my way there I´ve see great guitarist Mathew Lennox on the street who just talked a bit about his journey as musician and he was very inspiring.

Sentence ´go and do what you love, express yourself´ sounded to my years like a prayer and permition to be myself.

From one beer happened to be couple. Again. We went to see some free show (Cabaret Super Scott) what was actually pretty funny and I was ready to go home. But luckily other friend came to join us and I got convinced to stay. We had couple of beers and ended up in Irish pub in the heart of Edinburgh.

There was band setting up so we stayed thinking it might be something good. And it was amazing.

We were standing just next to the band (Mellow Chants) so I had amazing view to all of them how they played and improvised. That was just something unbelievable what those guys did. I don’t remember I would of enjoy so much some band. Some moments felt like a Trans where I could totally feel the music thanks to them.

Shanking hands and complementing the band at the end, talking even to management of the pub ´that is not cool to shut such a great band down´ and let´s go home to get some sleep.

That was one amazing fringe weekend with all those overwhelming feelings. If you have some spare time and gear for an cultural advanture Edinburgh in Fringe time in august is never forgetable experience.

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