Crossing Forth Bridge (South Queensferry and Dalmeny)

My friend once told me ´Buy a ticket to South Queensferry, cross the bridge, walk around and then stop by in Dalmeny. Just tell to the ticket guy that you will be stopping in Dalmeny and then continue to Edinburgh. He should be fine.´ As person who doesn´t like conflicts (in a case one would of happen with ticket guy) I wasn´t very sure about this idea. But I took a risk.

Edinburgh itself offers a lot of interesting places to visit. Do you want to explore deeper and more father? Just by train or bus distance there are amazing places which shouldn´t be abandoned in Edinburgh´s shadow.


I took a train trip crossing Forth Bridge connecting two small Scottish towns Dalmeny and South Qeensferry.

This magical little journey happened to be unforgettable for its cute and pure scottish atmosphere as undefined flying feeling by crossing metal huge construction over the sea.

Honestly I have never travelled through such a huge bridge before. Seeing ships underneath and never ending horizon over the sea where sun was crossing it´s path there strange thought appeared:

´So this is how it feels on Golden Gate´

(crossing Golden Gate was my childhood dream what happen to be truth just a year ago) – Crossing Forth Bridge in Scotland was the nearest experience I have had that time. Huge red construction over the see, where two small towns are laying underneath is just amazing experience what I couldn´t compare to anything I have experienced until then.

We don´t have sea and huge bridges where are laying villages underneath in Slovakia.


Dalmeny is cute little town, where you can find small cafes with tasty soup in cold weather.

That was 10 o’clock at the morning we were sitting in cafe/restaurant when there came idea ´it´s so cold outside maybe we should have some whisky´.

I will never forget face expression of a waiter when I asked for three whiskeys. He even double checked with us that he understand well and left with amazed face probably thinking:

´where the hell are this people coming from drinking whisky at 1O o’clock at the morning?´

It helped we got warmer afterword. We took a bout trip to close Island where fascinating Inchcolm abbey was built (details in other article).

Watching again that huge red construction this time crossing it underneath was just breath-taking.


So we crossed bridge to have a look in South Quensferry. There was the cutest small cafe I have ever seen, where we tried delicious scones.

Little walk under the bridge to view point facing the bridge and sea behind was a great spot to just stay still and enjoy the moment. Here I got an idea to start studying anatomy deeper because otherwise I won’t ever be able draw or paint people in good shapes.

Little meadow far away from busy traffic offers countless amounts of herbs during the summer so our bags got a little more weight to carry home. If we would continue the path walk we would get to Fife what is facing Edinburgh from the opposite coast (I wasn´t lucky to get there yet).


Include one day trip to South Queensferry to busy schedule really worth it. Crossing the huge red construction is a lifetime experience.

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