Artist´s Way

I am doing Artists way again. I found the book in charity shop few years ago and I have started it but then other things came along and only thing I kept going with was journaling as I couldn´t find a time for other staff book recommend. But I have started again because I have started couching sessions which are veery helpful and the inner spark to be my authentic and creative self just started shinning again.

So I am now in 3 weeks of couching and in 3 weeks of Artists way course. There are happening many changes in my life. I have started putting my main focus on rituals which make me feel better as I am very sensitive personality (so called highly sensitive extroverted introvert) and as well on things I love and would like to move forward with.



  • Yoga/5 Tibetans – first thing after waking up I do 15-20 min yoga ´Sun Salutation´ and ´5 Tibetans´
  • Win Hof method of Ice man – followed up with cold shower
  • Breakfast – it´s been now 2 years I eat porridge every morning (it´s great source of energy, starts digesting in right way and sometimes is my only portion of fruits in a day – yeah I know need to change this one)
  • Journaling – I started doing journals in the past thanks to this book, but now not only because of the book but as an advise from my couching too I have started again and it´s just awesome. I feel lighter every time when I put pen aside of the notebook after writing 3 pages of paper.


  • Journaling – doing tasks from the book + checking on my emotional state
  • Meditation – I have started to meditate for like 15 min in last hour before going to sleep. My last meditating was when I was a teenager and I didn´t really see much of importance in that as I was able to let thoughts just pass by or there weren´t any so I´ve thought better if I meditate in daily life and just focus on what I am actually doing because there is no need for me to get out of reality. It´s a good practice of being present but now I have realised that it´s been a while since I was a teeneger and I went through many life experiences where many of them were quite intense and hard so there is quite a bit of emotional pain stuck in my body. My first meditation now while I was listening to piano music was actually awesome and straight away led me to one of those emotional balls of pain in my body which was pretty awesome to realize it´s there and slowly feeling it´s melting away although it´s still there for now.

Another big step I have done was going to park on my own and play and sing on the grass. I´ve been terrified of doing such thing although it´s one of my dreams and something I really enjoy, but the fear of judgment was until now always stronger than me. But I did it and it felt awesome even though fear was really huge specially when someone passed by or sat on nearby bench and could actually listen to me.

Now when I plan my week ahead I firstly put in all the staff I enjoy doing and then Schedule things around it. Obviously work is not movable but I am always finding some time for things I enjoy, friends and studies. Not every day is Sunday but including rituals which are suitable for my personality and giving more focus to things I actually love make days brighter and shinier 🙂

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