Artist’s journey 2018 came to its end

There is always an end to everything. Time to recollect look back to our steps what we left behind and what we have learnt.

It is new year but I´m not going to write about past year and all those valuable experiences I have learnt. No. I want to talk about my passion which is art. Last year I made a step to get better and started art watercolour course which lasted around three months and I learnt not just about watercolour techniques but about my skills and believes holding me back or intentions pushing me forward.

My intentions originally were to write about every class and techniques I learnt. Life got in the way though and my priorities were somewhere else – in finishing my hypnotherapy qualification (about that maybe some other time) which consumed all my spare time.

What would it be art and paintings without its stories. What would be painting techniques without its purpose?

So this is my journey through my watercolour course which started in September 2018.

  • Winter landscape – story of an anxious artist

You already know the story of this painting (if not you can find it here). So just in nutshell this painting was a breaking point where I would decide if staying or not in the class if I made a mistake if I´m able to overcome my fears.


  • Sun through the trees – will I make it through?

How I felt painting this? It was one of the most frustrating days and paintings ever. I just couldn´t get it right and yet put myself so much into it. But no it just didn´t go right. Well I learnt that I can make sun rays with a tissue but what is the use of it when all looks like one big mixture of colours. You can´t see where was supposed to be ground and where the water…oh yeah there is meant to be trees reflection…am I really in the right place?


  • House in sunset – lesson of bad perspective

Moving from disappointing forest to another disappointment. At least I got colours right this time. ´It looks great colours specially´ said my tutor ´But the house is not right´ was my frustrating voice. ´Oh that´s just matter of perspective´. Right perspective…this mysterious word I heard so many times around art topics and yet have no idea what it means. It has something to do with things to appear right and real…at this point perspective connects to some lines and geometry as I saw in my smart books which I haven´t get at all…so perspective stays mysterious for me but there will need to come a time I uncover this secret.


  • House in noon – perspective is still mysterious

Oh no same picture again. ´Yaaaay´ with sarcastic tone in my head. Different light different shadows different colours. And perspective again. This time I´ll do my even better best to get it right. Yet the house is falling somewhere down the hill. ´Well done the colours are great and  light´. Hell yeah but my house is still going down the hill!


  • Bass rock – I am finally happy with the painting

We´re painting sea what should be fun. Something I want to learn. Guache is another mysterious thing I discovered. That´s how I make the waves…It actually doesn´t go that bad and I´m actually quite happy with this painting.


  • Sun over the lake – what the hell

And I´m back where I have been before. I guess I was too happy with my last painting. And I am where I was before. How do I make it look real? I don´t even feel like to finish it as I just destroyed those sun rays anyway.


  • Wet Scotland landscape – I like things on the horizon

This didn´t go that badly. I´m realizing I enjoy painting staff on horizon maybe because there is no perspective needed? Here I learnt that PVA glue can be quite a help and keep colours together just I can´t overdo it.

  • Wild sea – my dream to be able paint (well maybe one day)

When I saw a picture of a wild wave reaching rocky coast my heart skipped. I was so happy we will learn how to paint that but had no idea it´s not that easy at all. Well unfortunately my picture is not wild sea wave but more of a peaceful misty cliff.

  • Lavender field – my luck just ran away 

I don´t know what´s happening. It´s true I am overwhelmed by work and studies and I´m actually exhausted. Could that affect my painting? If it wouldn´t for educative and authentic purposes I would never show you this one.

  • We have started with winter so we will end

I feel like I lost it somewhere on the way. Maybe I am just really tired and actually coming to art classes feels sometimes a lot of effort because I need probably bed more. On this point I have started to be ill and physically and mentally very tired. When I look on those colours it´s actually seen…plain, not interesting…I’m not even going to talk about perspective.

Journey of my very first painting course came to its end. I experienced frustration and disappointment over my almost every picture but overall it was so much fun and I learnt a lot. So I´m starting another one very soon. Can´t wait to see how this journey goes 🙂

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