Am I where I am supposed to be?

It is question I would be asking myself quite a lot in my life. Have you?

In times of struggle and feeling drained I would be asking myself what is the purpose of my life…I would always find it for a little while in something but then I would get stuck in routine again and again. Art and music are only things which never became routine because these activities we do out of our heart not our minds. At least I do.

Sometimes it feels hard to see purpose in everyday routine although we might be doing jobs which are considered to be meaningful. What then about jobs which are considered not that much?

Is that even real thing ´meaningful´? We all do meaningful jobs because whatever we do we do it for each other.

I worked in many jobs in my life from Office through collecting glasses and cleaning toilets to working in social sphere and finding passion in art. Looking back one of my favourite jobs was glass collecting because it was exactly what I needed after very stressful times and having great people around who made us laugh is such bonus to any job we do.

Innerly and intuitively I always knew where my place is and when it´s time to move on. Sometimes I would push it quite far in name of responsibility and loyalty. It is not always worth it though. When I was just becoming young adult I would be peeking into the future all the time. I had it all planed I thought I know what I want to be and what I want to do. I didn´t and learnt it hard way although I would never take that journey back because I learned so much about myself. It is not a shame to quit neither start all over it is actually brave and very valuable experience. If we are not happy we should do something about it change something. Sometimes all we need is to change perspective and then things fall in its place and we act towards change. That inner voice which makes us feel unhappy is one annoying companion but necessary on our journey. This companion leads us to our necessary experiences thanks to which we grow. When I was little and growing up I would often feel like I am missing out on something.

Until I came to the point where I have realised that there is no possible way not to be where I am supposed to be. What a freeing realisation. There is nothing I can miss and nothing I can skip. There is only ´now´ and my experience that´s all.

Since this awareness my whole life turned around. I started to be happy just where I am with what I do. If I would feel it´s time to change something I would change it but no feeling of missing out anymore that I am not somewhere where I am supposed to be or doing something what I am not supposed to be doing.

Now I am here in Edinburgh. I love this place although I might feel sometimes that this is maybe not my place anymore but I am still here so my lesson hasn´t finnished yet. Until we won´t accept and make inner peace with whatever we are going through it will never really go away and change. Being happy and content with life itself is the key for real change.

What are your thoughts on the topic? Are you happy where you are and what you do? Do you feel that inner peace no matter where your life leading you? Don´t worry I don´t myself all the time but there are light moments 😀

I´d love to hear from you about your experience.


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