Hiking skottish highlands with 20kg backpack. Is it possible?

Breath taking mountains wilderness and nothing just nature around is why I love hiking. It can be overwhelming sometimes but same time it´s one of those things which make you realise you´re alive.

Once you look from top of the mountain around feeling almost as a part of clouds and heaven. Do you know that feeling? Not just slight rush through your body and stomach, proudness of what you have just managed to climb but as well that feeling of freedom, being part of something much bigger which seems to be almost reachable on the top of the mountain or you can almost smell it in the air surrounding the mountain lake.

Finally I managed to go to not just a hiking trip but hiking trip where I carry all the equipment to have a shelter and food. My backpack weight 20kg and it wasn´t easy. But when you carry everything what you need for few days/weeks in mountains whole experience gets to completely different level.

This time it was 5 days but I´m hoping to extend the experience. This time those were small walking distances and no really tops of mountains but I’m hoping to gain strength to be able do such one day as well. This time it was closer to civilization but I´m hoping experience real wilderness one day. After all now I own everything I need. Do you have such or wilder experience? Let me know down below.

Our path led to Aviemore and close by Loch Morlich, where we would spend first and last night. Beautiful lake with very refreshing water and calm almost empty solitude offered amazing views around. There is just not better feeling then wake up early open your tent to observe nature around you which is waking up with you. Having refreshing bath and admire those breath taking peaks around.

It is hard to put in words how nature recharge us gives us purpose to wake up to a new day because everything around is just so beautiful.

Next day we made our trip to Ryvoan Bothy and mountains surrounding it are just incredible. From forest path you come to Fairy lake which colour and energy around just makes you feel you´re at very special place. As soon all other people disappear and there is just you and nature you can feel the energy emerge.

At the end the lake was our destination to set up a camp after reaching Ryvoan Bothy. I will never forget feeling of little anxiety when we suddenly appeared in between mountains; no trees just heath around. Sun is slowly setting giving to mountains in distance golden colour almost like one would paint them on the canvas.

At the beginning we were warned about possible storms but at the end we ended up with four days of sun during the days and sky full of stars during the nights. There was a little rain now and then but almost as nature would welcome us for our first trip with overweighed backpacks with open arms to enjoy and make sure we will come back. I definitely will. Well there is still few (od a lot of) which places I haven´t managed to see yet J

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