Colony of Artists

Have you ever seen that kind of community where people know each other? The community which almost have a magical atmosphere full of creativity? Community where people just love to share ideas and create something together?

Maybe you are lucky enough to live in such place but for rest of us it is something seen only in movies or fairy tales. Today I was lucky enough to see such community just few streets away from me.

Last weekend I went to see Colony of Artists in Edinburgh. Artists living in houses which create small community over few streets opened their doors for us to have a little peek inside of not only their work but their home as well. Not into their studio though but into their gardens, living-rooms and kitchens.

It was kind of magical. I went to see different studios around since I have started painting and drawing which was very inspirational experience and something out of my range of knowledge until then.

I was dreaming about having my own studio one day; decorating it the way I wish, being part of the artistic community.

These paintings caught me the most…for more see DIANA SAVOVA atist

My dreams quickly hit the wall of reality when I´ve found out it is not that easy to rent a studio especially for not professional artist who has zero contacts. So I kept painting and dreaming that maybe one day…

And today I went to see Colony of Artists which made me truly realize one thing. I don´t need to have a studio to do art I can only have a home…well in my case one room in a flat where I not only sleep but do all my art, studies, work, yoga or even very often eat.

Artists from the colony made me realize that it doesn´t really matter where I do my art and if I´m professional in a sense of artistic studies and so. Many of them were professional artists who have somewhere their studio but seeing them in their home felt truly inspirational. One day one of their neighbours had an excellent idea to ask other neighbours if there are maybe artists around and they could make open days and exhibitions for public in their neighbourhood.

Every house felt cosy and beautiful, you could feel spirit of an artist in every each of them. There are other people living in the neighbourhood too who are maybe not artists but love to bake or want to support a charity or just would like to come enjoy a cake or a cookie from their neighbours.

I fell in love with the idea and maybe one day when I will not have only a room in a flat but maybe tiny home and there will be neighbours I might try to transfer the idea there because it was just very inspirational. But for now one step at a time 🙂

What about you? Would you open your doors for people to come and admire your art?

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