Hidden inspiration of scottish borders

Do you know that feeling that you are somewhere and you think that you know it there and yet still something can truly surprise you?

That´s why I love Scotland. It is beautiful green country where nature shows itself in its fullest. Every time I go somewhere I am stunned by its beauty. Always I found hidden treaures of this country and little suprises which inspire my soul.

I always loved nature even back home in Slovakia where nature is the most beautiful thing. Yet I never felt I can truly explore it and just make it the main thing in my life.

It is changing here and slowly I grew to realisation that I am the most happy out there in the forest when I can feel and smell trees observe how weather changes in seconds almost hear forest spirits whispering in the quietness and stillness of the place.

I had a chance to go explore Scottish borders few days ago and it was stunning. Somewhere in my head borders always has been somewhat less nature based then the rest of Scotland. I was very wrong.

The hills and countryside are telling many stories of wars, settlements or clan’s histories.  While driving to our destination we met scot walking by the road in kilt with a stick to support him.

It felt like coming back hundreds years back seeing how it was when scots were roaming these beautiful mountains in kilts all the time.

Ruins of the castle on the hill keeping many stories in the stones of remaining walls. River by the road surrounded by yellow and orange autumn hills made me understand why these are places full of inspiration.

Weather makes it here always even more stunning because all of a sudden you see clouds rolling over hills mist walking on the green fields and you feel like entering different realm of space and time.

I love these moments when all of a sudden there’s white smoke slowly creeping towards you almost as wanting to take you somewhere else or connect you with nature and its powers even more.

We saw such mist on our trip few times almost as it was inviting us to explore it even more and even deeper.

As I learnt later we made it to little beautiful village which is home town of my colleague. Surprisingly that is not even very known place yet ´coincidence´ made it so that I found a walk starting exactly from there.

Scottish Borders became one of my favourite places to explore and experience more.

I used to always while walking in close by Pentlands looking to the distance thinking what those hills there farther away are about. I know now.

They are full of inspiration and full of stories to be discovered.

Do you have a place which you changed your mind about and discovered its true nature and beuaty? Let me know about such place.

Have you visited scottish borders? Let me know your experience in the comments.



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