Music of the city

Have you ever listened to the music of the street or the city?

I do love just be sometimes, take sounds and smells in, be present. It is amazing in nature, when you just listen to birds, or smell fresh morning grass, enjoying amazing views from the top of the mountain. Sometimes I long very much for life close to nature, quiet and peaceful. At the moment though I live in the city, which I´m grateful for as is just right size not too big, not too small, lots of green around, yet overwhelming feeling of so many stimulus creeps into my heart sometimes.

I believe that what we are learning here is to be happy just where we are in order for things to change. I need to be very honest with myself here, that living in the city doesn´t make me that much happy anymore. Yet my time to live closer to the nature hasn´t come just yet.

So I have two options.

One of them is to stay unhappy and dream about (at the moment) unrealistic possibilities to move out of the city. Or I can find the way how to be content and happy just where I am with what I have.

Back to the sound of the city and how does it relate.

Recently during the Christmas time I visited briefly Vienna. I met my mum there we had muld vine together and truly nice time that day. On some point she went to the shop to get something and I was waiting outside on the street.

That was first time I heard it.

Sound of the city.

Music I have never heard before, harmony of tones which were coming from close by tram, talks of people passing by, squeaks of cars wheels, pigeons looking for some food, ringing sounds from the pedestrian crossing…all together made a sound so characteristic for this particular city and it created harmony.

I felt blessed to be able hearing it, little moment I´d treasure.

We left Vienna and returned back to Slovakia just to have an opportunity come back few days later to truly experience the sound again. I was walking on the street and I heard it again, same sound.

Now I knew. This is how Vienna sounds, at least in those few days. Strange harmony created by street life and noises. I just wanted to sit on a bench and listen.

In that very moment I knew this is inspiration I just didn´t know what for quite yet.

When I came back to Edinburgh another piece of inspiration revealed itself. I was walking through the meadows in the city when I´ve heard it again.

It was different though.

Sound of the wind, passing cars and leaves jumping up and down in the air. Again I would feel the stillness in my heart experiencing something magical. Sound of Edinburgh since then came to me few times, through singing crows in one cold evening or cranes slowly moving in the wind in shut off building for the night.

Edinburgh´s sound is different to Vienna’s one. Each one has its own characteristic which I am not able put into words.

I started to understand that every place and every city has its own music. I can see better now meaning of this inspiration.

It doesn´t matter where I live and how close I am to things I´d rather have in life, than what I have now. There is inspiration in everything and it´s time for me to look for it just where I am. I would never think that noisy city can create something in such harmony, yet I was allowed to hear tiny bit of it.

I can´t wait to hear more…

Have you ever heard something similar? I´d love to hear about it.


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