Truth of life on the blackboard

´Life is like sinusoid´, said the teacher and draw waved line on the blackboard. In the middle was a straight line.


´When you´re on the top you´ll eventually go down to the bottom…but when you are on the bottom then you´re going to come up again, there is no other option.´ Pointing the chalk on opposite tops ´of the hills´.

The Picture on that blackboard stacked with me while growing up.

Every time I felt down I knew that eventually I will go up. And every time when I was on the top I kept in mind to be humble because it is not going to be forever.

I was maybe 10-11 years old when our English teacher explained us mystery of life and how to cope with it.

I remember the moment she started drawing I would hear a thought in my head.

´Now listen this is important´

One simple drawing on the blackboard.

When we are kids we don´t always appreciate important messages which others are passing on us. We don´t always appreciate it as adults either. Yet those which are meant to influence us we hear.

My English teacher was an exceptional woman. She was strict but kind and she knew more about life’s laws then most people I knew.

Many years later came second part of the message along.

´When you stretch the line which creates waves of the sinusoid you get straight line.

´You get balance.´

I was watching my friend drawing hills of the sinusoid in the air and then pretending stretching them.

Puzzle got complete. Immediately all the clocks in my brain started ticking to connect two pieces of the memory. Old memory with the one just created.

´Aaawww´. I heard my little ´me´ sigh.

That simply means any kind of extreme will always need it´s opposite extreme to get balanced.

Some of us experience more extreme than others. Sinusoid of some of us creates huge hills and others are just tiny ones up and down the line.

But at the end if each of us stretch their line it´s just straight line.

It´s balance.

There is a third part of the puzzle.

Golden middle.

That one is the hardest. Navigate ourselves to innerly stick close to the line as much we can.

´Sometimes we can´t and that is okay because the ability to keep close to the line is gained by our life experiences throughout many lives´ said another significant person knowing more about life than anyone I know.

Basically first thing in order to accept world as it is we need to accept ourselves as we are. We are on the journey everyone learning something different in order to accept another piece of ourselves.

Every sinusoid is important.






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