How to boost creative process?

Recently I came across with interesting advice (precisely it was at the channel of this guy), which is ´draw the same thing every day for one year´

It felt resonating. Go have a look for the close explanation, but basically what you need to do is pick one object and draw it every day. Not only your technique will improve this way, but your brain gets used to inspirational process.

Why only one?

Because you will know every day what to draw. No waiting for inspiration to strike, no wandering what to draw or paint.

It can be anything.

I have chosen Seagull. Not because ´struthless´ was drawing a bird (which btw felt like another sign), but because I have started drawing seagull´s stories quite some time ago. It all started one day in the park, when a seagull came close to me thinking he might steel some of my scone. It was a time I would draw whatever would come my way, just to practice and get better. So I drew a seagull and then add few comments to the picture on Instagram story. Since then I drew seagull few more time, when I would see one and the thought of continuing the story would follow. Those are only very quick sketches (5-10min. max) just to get a little practice. Yet I wasn´t doing it every day and didn´t occurred to me that I actually could.

Now when I saw the inspiring video about drawing one thing every day I knew it´s time to get to ´seagull´ topic a little bit deeper. So from now on I will be drawing seagull every day (at least most of the days) and see where that will lead. If you´re curious about the process have a look on my Instagram I will be posting pictures in my story. So far I have started with only pen very quick sketches (which don´t look always nice), but I am sure in time this will develope.

Would you try the same?

The reason is to get you drawing something every single day and get your brain used to creativity. Eventually ´seagull´ can lead you to completely different very unique (for yourself) direction.

Let me know your thoughts on the topic. What would be your object?

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