Short homeland visit

So I went to Slovakia. The visit I had a bit of straggle with as circumstances to go weren´t the best once. I wasn´t even sure if I want to go as my mind tried to push in worries, worst scenarios and not the nicest memories and feelings. After all that was one amazing week and great escape from past difficult half an year.

In one week I have managed to see my family, have a tea with my grandma under very old walnut tree in the garden help my parents to water plants on the field as visit Bratislava with my aunts and enjoy summer warm evening at my uncle’s garden. That wasn’t the highlight of the week. Main reason I went back to Slovakia was a wedding of my best friend from my childhood. That was epic and amazing and wonderful and so much fun. I met friends I haven´t seen in years what broth so much memories and nostalgic feelings. We danced, we laughed, we made fun of each other as we have never got apart. Sitting with them on the terrace the day after wedding and just talk and laugh about the night before was just amazing and peaceful. I didn´t care anymore who might think what, what I have done wrong or said I have just enjoyed the moment as it was. Actually I have just enjoyed whole week as it was, no resistance, no bad feelings, no guilt, no pride, nothing.

One day I needed to make a trip behind the borders to Czech republic to Breclav. It is small town and capital of Moravia region in Czech republic. There is an old castle surrounded by park so apart of serious staff I needed to sort out that day I found half an hour to make a quick painting of a little bit forgotten but very nice building.


Another day I have managed to go have a look to Devin Castle. It is magic place and place of my childhood and teenage years, where we used to go by bikes with my friends. I was surprised how empty the place was. It is true it was Tuesday midday but I have expected more people there. To be honest I was happy that I can enjoy the place almost on my own.


Firstly I stand by the river and watched special place where one river flows to another. It felt so peaceful watching massive water trying to find a way to another massive flow. There were no worries, no stress, no rush just me, wind, two rivers and castle behind me.

I found comfortable place and started painting with my watercolours. One thing I don´t like is when people come to watch me how I paint. I wouldn´t mind, but I am not the most confident person when it comes to my drawings and having somebody behind my shoulder watching (judging) me makes me stressed out. This time I was happy that one guy came to see my painting as he started talk to me. He was a teacher from Slovenia and we talked for a while. He told me bit of his life and I told him bit of mine we smiled and said bye to each other and I again felt blessed and grateful for this simple moments where you meet a stranger and just start talking to them with no thoughts of any obligation or worry. Moments where we manage overcome any prejudice and just enjoy the moment of talking one human to another. My painting wasn´t the best one but that is not important as I am learning and only way how to learn is by mistakes.


On my way back to Scotland I was lucky sitting next to the window. There was a great clear weather and the plane flew over Bratislava and I managed to make a photo not just of the city but of the magic spot where two rivers flow to each other and where I enjoyed one simple peaceful moment.

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