Eva gets some discipline!

Unfinished painting here, unfinished story there, pale of material to the school, full to do list….OMG I don´t know what to do first. I will watch another part of favourite series. Sometimes I just can´t get discipline myself and end up with new and new ideas but never finishes them. Sounds damiliar?

I realized I need to organise my life a little bit. To not overwhelm myself with big plans I will follow steps of one my friend who basically divides his life to projects which he is completing. I guess I need this idea of projects, although my philosophy is mostly ´go with a flow’. I am very bad in completing things lately so idea of projects what need to be finished is actually very applying for me at the moment.

As I don´t know how to live in a flat sometimes I needed to find some activity for rainy days. Although I play guitar, write, draw I need something where I will have some touchable results after. And I don´t have always feeling for things mentioned. I would like to let my artistic flow keep going so I decided that I am going to do small creative projects related to any crafts and so. I need to track my progress so here will be the space where to put my small started, ongoing, finished artistic and crafty projects.

For record I found my unfinished paintings what I would love to finish but are sitting around for very long time now. They are actually ones of my first paintings ever so get back to them seeing all the mistakes is not easy. But I need to challenge and discipline myself and step by step finish them…

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