Time to get some paid art classes

Yesterday I had my first painting class. I do art about 3 years now, but I am self-thought artist. Well I wouldn´t really call myself an artist yet 🙂

I have started doing art on very strange circumstances. There was a guy of course. I was very much in love with him, but it just wasn´t right timing, maybe we weren´t meant to be for each other. He left thousands miles away and I found it hard to deal with all the emotions. One day I found myself standing in front of the shelf with art supplies in the shop thinking: „what the hell am I doing here? I have no idea about art.“ But I saw how my hand is reaching for brushes and paints. It was just incredible, something what was probably meant to be and I had no control over that. I got home and started painting and I draw and paint since then (with huge gaps sometimes though).

Back to the class now. This is my first time taking paid classes with a tutor and it is gonna be a great experience. On first class I learnt so much, techniques I had no idea about until now and just those simple easy advices opened another door for me when it comes to watercolours.


Did you know that you can pour a water onto the paper to make it really wet? It has never occurred to me and it makes a great difference.

Did you know that if you push the brush on the paper and roll a bit it makes strappy shape like a fan? I had no idea and it´s such great tool for painting trees.

I am sometimes very anxious and unconfident person especially when it comes to art. So I found empty table where I wouldn´t see anyone else and no one else would see me. Such a wuss but I just can´t help it. At the end some of my classmates would come wanting to see my painting and I was terrified. I did play it along with a smile willing to see theirs as well, but innerly I was so scared of judgment.

The Picture we were painting wasn’t easy at all. Cold winter and just some trees in the middle – that is as much I have seen there.


There are many things I would do differently and am not very happy with the outcome, but it´s not totally bad at all. At only one session I learnt a lot. Can´t wait for the next one.


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