Scotland, did we make it?

They say seventh year is the critical one for relationship. The year when you either get married or break up. I can´t really say from the romantic experience just yet but there is one relationship which kinda reflects that.

It has been seven years since I moved to Scotland.

Such long time since I first time walked streets of Edinburgh, first time felt like complete outsider when I had no idea what language are those people talking, first time rain drops wet my face to dry it in split second over beautiful rainbow.

Edinburgh wasn´t completely my choice to come to. I wanted to go to Spain where I bonded with the culture and mentality few years before. They say we always end up exactly where we are meant to be and Scotland kinda calls its people and makes it happen for them to come and stay.

It happened to me too.

I didn´t intent to stay but Scotland made sure I would. It was meant to be just another adventure in another country similar to those I experienced before. Seeing something new, experience different culture, enjoy the country, stay for few years and then see what´s going to happen.

I fell in love on first sight. Despite our turbulent first dates getting to know each other over first months I fell for this country. Despite the fact I didn´t want it to happen despite of all the differences and language barrier I felt in my heart I´m in the right place.

Something I didn´t expect to happen.

We had to overcome struggles based on our differences which brought out demons I didn´t want to face never in my life. They say that´s what happens in destined relationships.

They make us grow push us to our real potential.

After couple of first very turbulent years questioning if this is even worth it, slowly getting to my real-self when came first crossroad. I was leaving field I found interesting and exciting for some time.

Stepping into unknown.

That was the time to find out if Scotland still wants me or if my time is up.

Turbulent first few years full of passion turned to more calm years where I could truly rely and trust in this relationship. It started heading to our sixth year. I started to feel lonely almost as there wasn´t interest from the other site anymore.

When things get serious we tend to flee sometimes just in case we might get hurt.

Is this it? Am I getting settled? Should I leave?

I started longing for a change maybe even for return to old me.

I couldn´t.

Deep inside of my heart I knew it is no time yet. I am not the same person as I used to be and I don´t want to start a new relationship with someone else.

I fought through the routine and very little excitement and found new wind pushing me forward. I started going deeper rather than balancing only on the surface.

Seventh year hit.

Then someone asked how long have I been here.

In the moment ´seven years´ came out of my mouth I knew I´ve decided. The most difficult time is behind us it´s time to enjoy what comes out of the commitment to each other.

Is it going to be forever? I don´t know. Maybe yes or maybe someone else will beat your charm Scotland. I know one thing the worst is behind us let’s not get stuck in routine now.

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