How to start pursuing your passion.

There is plenty of guidance how to pursue your passion, but what I found to be most difficult from my own experience is to figure out what it actually is.

I always knew I love creative staff I did theatre for some time, played guitar, danced always was doing something creative for my family and friends, but for a long time I didn’t really know that´s actually what fulfils me the most.

Often we get stuck in the pressure of society or people around us, who usually have the best intentions, but we might find ourselves on the path which is just not for us. Or there is such overload of information and options that one doesn´t really know anymore what it is what makes their heart beating.

Some people don´t mind that and find satisfaction and happiness this way, but some as myself can´t cope with it. Even today many years after giving up my studies I remember how physically sick I would feel when I had to study law, how much effort I put into persuading myself that that´s what I need to be doing. Well it wasn´t.

So first thing we need to figure out is if what you are doing right now is truly reflecting your inner self. You need to be very honest with yourself if what you are doing right now you will be able doing for the rest of your life. We live in the age where things are not for life anymore but that ´for life´ makes you think and puts things into perspective.

You don´t necessary have to make living with your passion but you should enjoy what you do at least to some extent. And the thing which makes your heart beating and your stomach fills with excitement shouldn´t stay locked in the shelf just because of fear, pressure, luck of confidence and so on. These all are manageable which might take some time and effort but eventually you will overcome them and there are ways how to overcome those but that is for different article 🙂 The calling is there for some reason and is asking you to do something about it.

We are in lockdown at the moment almost everywhere. For me personally this whole situation put things into perspective.

What is truly important to me and what I just consider important because I should?

What I love the most, when do I feel free and doing what?

I don´t have a plan (well only roughly which is constantly changing as I go :D), I don´t have a security and I don´t feel as being in a cage. And that is what I realised is the most important in my case. You might be different even total opposite and that is okay as long it makes you happy.

We are in lockdown and I am not allowed going anywhere yet I feel very free. I draw a lot, play music a lot…I´m doing things where I feel the freest. There lies my passion. The rest around, work, studies are things which I enjoy and love doing too but are just not the passion. Only thing I miss is going to the nature, but this again put things into perspective, maybe living in the city is just not for me.

What put thelockdown into perspective for you?

What is it you´d love to be doing before you die?

Another great question to ask and very great time for answering it just now. This whole situation (doesn´t matter if it is truly serious for you just where you are just now or for people around you) makes us realise that one day we might not be here anymore and either people we love and life goes by and we might regret some things we haven´t done. We don´t have to do everything and as we live and grow we leave some things behind or realise that what we dreamt of few years ago is not there anymore. Not everyone gets to travel the world, but if you find yourself in something creative the time is now.

I am big believer in destiny, that we are always just where we are supposed to be each of us has its unchangable role in whole and we get to do only things which open up for us. That doesn´t mean though we can´t do anything. If there is a calling within it is there for a reason, if there is someone supporting your writing or art passion they are there for a reason, if you are feeling peace in nature or in busy streets that is as well for a reason, if you have a boss who hates you well he is there for a reason too…all these things are pushing us forward to find that authentic self inside.

Have you figured out what is your passion if there is any? Do you have any of your strategies to share?

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